Selena Gomez Launches Mental Health Campaign


Although mental health is a lesser talked about the concept, but several people in the recent past have witnessed its importance. With the cases related to COVID-19 increasing rapidly, people are not only losing their loved ones but also peace. With people locked in their houses for several weeks or months, fatigue is obvious. Even large organizations have found that many people due to fear and stress are surrounding themselves with more danger. If you have COVID-19 or if someone you know has it, they might grip you with fear.

In such a situation, it is important to take breaks but keep yourself busy. These are unprecedented times that no one ever expected. You must think about the positives in any situation. It could vary as per people and age groups. For smaller children who are missing out on their classes or not able to play freely, be more attentive. These children are not used to sit at home and do nothing. For a change, you can try engaging with them by playing some games or learning something together. This not only keeps them busy and occupied but also gives you something to do. As for the older generation, you can sit with them in the morning or evening and share something with them. The best thing about that generation is experience. Whether you think their emotional resolve would be helpful for you, you can ask them to talk about their stories, struggles, and happy memories. Eating with your family and spending some time together each day is helpful and surely leads you to fight mental health issues.

Selena Gomez Launches Mental Health Campaign:

Selena Gomez, the popular celebrity, has come up in the fight against COVID-19 with her effort. She has started a mental health campaign named Mental Health 101. Everyone knows even she had suffered from many mental health issues in past and overcome them. In this beautiful gesture of returning the favor to society selflessly, she is contributing the way she can. While launching it, she mentioned the importance of mental health awareness. Just because of a lack of awareness, many people tend not to care much about it. But with time it has a powerful impact on us and we must deal with it somehow.

Selena has also advocated the route of seeking help. Many people involved in such a crisis part themselves from society. They stay alone and quiet, sharing nothing. With her initiative of Mental Health 101, she resolved to help everyone involved in a fight against mental health issues to avail resources. The lack of resources, timely support, and point of contact are some factors leading to the worsening situation. We as a younger generation must realize its role in our lives and give it the place it deserves. With the help of the internet, we can resolve to spread positivity, and help those that approach us. It is also crucial to make yourself accessible and present. Most of the time what people suffering from these crises need is just a person to sit and talk to. However, they would be comfortable, try to help them.

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